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Disability and Technology

Media / Press


August 4, 2016: 'A national Day for the senior citizens in Uganda' (PDF, 117 KB) article by Rehema Bavuma in New Vision newspaper Uganda


KFM Radio Uganda: Live debate about the position of PwDs in relation to lived experiences in Uganda


June-December 2014: 'Uganda Special' on


September 18, 2013: Disability and Technology as a practical example for 'Research-Based Teaching and Learning' (strategic goal of UZH) (UZH website)

August 31-September 1, 2013: Scientifica 2013, Züricher Wissenschaftstage - Disability as a risk (German) (PDF, 10 MB)

June 28, 2013: Symposium on Disability, Technology and Rehabilitation in Low and Middle Income Countries, University of Washington Video presentation 'Disability & Technology: Insights in an international and interdisciplinary research project', Video presentation 'An Analysis of the Rehabilitation Process of Soldiers with Disabilities'