Summer school 2014 in Kampala started on July 7th.

The Disability & Technology summer school 2014 in Kampala started on July 7th. Under the topic 'Managing interdisciplinary and transnational PhD projects with special focus on selected qualitative methods' the members of the research group meet for a week at the Child Health and Development Centre of the Makerere University.
The summer school aims at initiating the students into the workings of a PhD. Topics presented are how to outline a PhD project, administrative processes at the respective institutes or challenges in participant observation amongst others. In the first half of the week the projects supervisors and guests gave inputs and lead discussions. In the remaining days the PhD students present their research designs which then are discussed by the whole group.

Prof. Patricia Spittal, University of British Columbia
Phoebe Kajubi, PhD student Makerere University
Esther Nanfuka Kalule, PhD student Makerere University

The meeting has been very successful so far. Intense discussions dominated the meetings which shows how crucial such gatherings are for international research projects.
The participants of the summer school were honoured by visits of the Vice President for Medicine and Science of the UZH Prof. Dr. Daniel Wyler and Dr. Yasmine Inauen and Sara Elmer of the North South Cooperation of the UZH.

Raphael Schwere