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Disability and Technology

"Poverty Reduction of the Disabled: Livelihood of Persons with Disabilities in the Philippines" with Soya Mori

To our great pleasure, Soya Mori, a Deaf Japanese development economist and disability researcher at the Institute of Developing Economies of the Japan External Trade Organisation accepted D&T's invitation to present his current research at the CHDC on a very short notice.
Soya's interesting presentation of his recent research on the livelihood of PWDs in Metro Manila was highly appreciated by the audience. Speaking about the findings of this study, which was conducted in different parts of the Manila metropolitan area, he linked 'econometric' figures to disability group specific professions (e.g. a very high percentage of the blind work as massagers), education, gender aspects, organisation of the PWDs in DPOs (Disabled People's Organisations) and government policies and programmes in order to reveal the underlying logic of the income inequalities.
In addition, Soya presented the project's methodology, including the work of a data collection team of forty research assistants with different disabilities and a strong link and cooperation to and with stakeholders that subsequently base their applied programs on findings this research.

We thank Soya Mori for these interesting insights.

Soya Mori's website (IDE-JETRO)

Soya Mori and members of D&T. Foto: Harriet Mirembe, 2014.

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Mori, Soya, Celia M. Reyes, and Tatsufumi Yamagata. 2014. Poverty Reduction of the Disabled: Livelihood of Persons with Disabilities in the Philippines. Routledge.