UZH honorary doctorates granted to Susan Reynolds Whyte and Penny Boyes Braem

On April 26th, the Dies academicus 2014 of the University of Zurich, the yearly event to commemorate its foundation, Prof. Susan Reynolds Whyte was granted an honorary doctorate by the Faculty of Arts. In the laudation the Dean praised her as a distinguished and dedicated scientist who – with a focus on Africa – empirically, theoretically and methodically opened up a central social anthropological perspective on disability, AIDS, fragility of aging, bodily security and consequences of war (laudation in German).
Penny Boyes Braem was honored for her outstanding research on and promotion of sign language in Switzerland (laudation in German).
Disability & Technology congratulates the two scientists for the awarded honours and the Faculty of Arts of the University of Zurich for their recognition of disability as a field of major scientific and social relevance.

Raphael Schwere