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Disability and Technology

Student Exchange 2010-2014

The international and interdisciplinary student exchange project Disability & Technology started in December 2010 and involved ten students from the Makerere University and the University of Zurich. In a first step, seminars were held at both universities to prepare fieldwork and to develop research proposals, accompanied by a knowledge exchange between the groups. In summer 2011, all participants undertook fieldwork in Uganda for their respective B.A. or M.A. theses. The next phase took place at the University of Zurich, where, besides a seminar for data analysis and the development of the theses, other activities like a students conference and a project presentation were held. The cooperation continued with a summer school and a workshop in summer 2012 in Kampala and was carried on by further M.A. research projects in 2013. During this four year period, project members organized and participated in several conferences, symposia, lectures and seminars at different institutions (for the academic activites see Past Activities).
The student exchange project has been hosted and funded by the North-South Cooperation at the University of Zurich, the Heyning-Roelli-Foundation, the Disability Office of the University of Zurich, the Department of Social and Cultural Anthropology and the Ethnographic Museum at the University of Zurich, the Child Health and Development Centre and the Department of Social Work and Social Administration of the Makerere University (see Partners).


June - September 2013 Fieldwork in Uganda (Kriese, Schwere)
June - September 2012 Follow-up Fieldwork in Uganda (Rickli, Schuler, Schwere)
June - September 2011 Fieldwork in Uganda (all students)


December 21, 2011 Visit to procom
December 16, 2011 Visit to zeka
December 9, 2011 Visit to Swiss Paraplegics Center
July 7, 2011 Team building trip to Jinja, Uganda